Master Key Experience Week 8: Not this time

I have missed a couple weeks here on the blog. I was feeling overwhelmed, falling behind in the work and had moments I thought of quitting the course.

The good news? Because of the MKE course, I now have an understanding of my old blueprint, the way I have always done things before. (you know, the easy way, where I didn’t have to think or observe or consciously make a change) I also understand that “if I always do what I’ve always done, I will always get what I’ve always got”. So, since it has been my pattern, or blueprint, if you will, to quit and not follow through, I know that if I follow that same pattern/blueprint, I will stay exactly where I’m at.

I DON’T WANT TO STAY WHERE I’M AT! This course has been so enlightening to me, helping me understand things I knew to be true, but didn’t fully understand. I’m only 8 weeks into a 26 week course…there’s so much more to uncover and learn.

I will not let my old subconscious blueprint continue to rob me of the life I was put on this earth to live. The life full of passion and the gifts that were given to me to share with the rest of the world, the ones that only I can give.

I am catching up on the work, because seriously, what in my life is more important than finding and working toward my true passion, my Definite Major Purpose for being on this planet? Not to mention that the feeling of overwhelm is being obliterated. There is a possibility there will be more thoughts and feelings of overwhelm or quitting that come along, but I understand where they are coming from, and I know how to leave them behind and create new thoughts and feelings.

Sorry old blueprint. Not this time.

Sweet Dreams!

9 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 8: Not this time

  1. Awesomesauce, Stacy! “If I always do what I’ve always done, I will always get what I’ve always got” – great reminder of why we do this, to form new habits and get the desired results and live our life with purpose andd on ourpose. YAY to you, yay to us all! Keep up the good work, my friend! 🙂


  2. It is so wonderful to “know” that we are not our thoughts and regardless of how much they run wild, we can just enjoy the show. It is the journey that counts and this just happens to be part of it. You have already made the decision to befriend your future self, and it is that very intention that is ‘priceless’. All the very Best for enjoying the roller coaster ride in the Amusement Park of the Master Key


  3. Stacy, keep on remembering you are in charge of your subconscious mind. Good for you for deciding to keep going. From your blog rover friend John.


  4. Great post, Stacy. It is more about showing up every week and that consistency will be what breaks old patterns. `Keep it up. You are doing so well, by remaining stead fast with the program.


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